complete ascertainment

com·plete as·cer·tain·ment

method by which all families with at least one affected person in a population are certain or have an equal chance of being identified by survey or an appropriate random sampling technique.
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Third, passive reporting systems tend to have less complete ascertainment of all birth defects compared with active surveillance systems (9).
This cohort has complete ascertainment and follow-up at 15-29 years of age until 31st December 2011.
More complete ascertainment is needed globally to better understand pertussis epidemiology and transmission, thereby facilitating the development of improved vaccines and vaccination strategies to improve future disease control.
Studies with complete ascertainment of prenatally diagnosed NTD cases indicate that fortification has prevented up to 50% of NTDs (1).
Study design and validity This population-based cross-sectional study applied strict 2-dimensional echocardiographic criteria and used a careful strategy to ensure complete ascertainment of MVP in the population.
This suggests that electronic record linkage is essential for complete ascertainment of deaths among persons with HIV/AIDS and accurate estimations of HIV/AIDS prevalence.
Rates of Down syndrome at livebirth by one-year maternal age intervals in studies with apparent close to complete ascertainment in populations of European origin: a proposed revised rate schedule for use in genetic and prenatal screening.
First, legally mandated laboratory reporting of test results is essential for complete ascertainment of cases.
The higher occupational homicide rate determined by AOISS may be, in part, the result of more complete ascertainment of incidents in Alaska than in the remainder of the United States.
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