complete atrioventricular dissociation

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com·plete a·tri·o·ven·tric·u·lar dis·so·ci·a·tion

, complete AV dissociation
AV dissociation not interrupted by ventricular captures.
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Incidence of Various Parameters Observed Parameter Group A (n= 30) Group B (n= 30) Killip class I 4 (13.3%) 10 (33.33%) Killip class II 8 (26.66%) 12 (40.0%) Killip class III 10 (33.33%) 6 (20.0%) Killip class IV 8 (26.66%) 2 (6.66%) Regional wall motion 21 (70.0%) 9 (30.0%) abnormality Atrial fibrillation 5 (16.66%) 1 (3.33%) Ventricular fibrillation 0 1 (3.33%) Complete AV block 5 (16.66%) 0 Mortality 9 (30.0%) 2 (6.66%) Table 2.
All DLBCL patients with cardiac involvement should be closely monitored because of potentially severe complications such as complete AV block or valve damage.
In our case series, there was just one complete AV block.
Because it is often permanent and frequently progresses to third-degree or complete AV block, Mobitz Type II AV block is considered a more serious dysrhythmia than Mobitz Type I (Sauer, 2012).
Exposure to 100[micro]M BPA resulted in complete AV block and QRS interval widening, which is consistent with slowed ventricular conduction that may be attributed to reduced gap junction conductance (Gillum et al.
AEx (1 g/l) prolonged (27 [+ or -] 6.5%, n = 10 trials, 5 hearts, p < 0.001) the electrical wave conduction time from the right atrium to the His bundle (A-H), before inducing a complete AV block (Fig.
The indications for temporary pacemaker insertion reason were: in the biatrial group- sinus node dysfunction in 7 patients, type II 2nd degree AV block in 2 patients and complete AV block in one patient; in the bicaval group-type II 2nd degree AV block in 2 patients and persistent bradycardia one patient.
A DDDR-type pacemaker was implanted to the patient with complete AV block rhythm.

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