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adjective Entire, total, whole.
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Postmortem examination, necropsy Pathology A post-mortem examination of a body, which helps determine cause of death and identify any diseases that had not been detected while the Pt was alive, or confirms the presence of conditions that had been diagnosed before the Pt died. See Forensic autopsy, Hospital autopsy, Organ-limited autopsy. Cf Psychologic autopsy.
Autopsy types
Biopsy only
A minimalist post-mortem in which the prosector examines the organs, but only samples small fragments–'biopsies' for histologic examination
Chest only
An autopsy in which only the lungs and heart are examined; findings in a 'chest only' autopsy is to ID an occluding thrombus in the coronary arteries, massive PTE, or evaluate a person for compensation under the Black Lung Compensation act of 1969
An autopsy in which the thoracic, abdominal, and cranial cavities are examined
Head only
An autopsy in which the pathology of interest is presumed to reside entirely in the cranial cavity
No head
An autopsy examining the chest and abdominal cavity without cranial cavity
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Q. Can Fibromyalgia be cured completely? Can Fibromyalgia be cured completely?

A. sadly- no. it is still a mysterious illness that the cause of it and the chain of occurrences are not yet known. but as williams41 suggested - there are many ways of treating it and easing the symptoms. here is a link to a whole load of info about it:

Q. Does this mean he is completely fine now? We are surprised with his improvement!! My son is in manic state for the past 2 years. He shows improvement with the treatment and his painting looks perfect. Prior to the diagnosis as bipolar he painted but randomly. Now he does painting with calm mind. Does this mean he is completely fine now? We are surprised with his improvement!!

A. This is good sign……….There are evidence to show that bipolar disorder is linked with the rise in artistic talent and creativity. The only challenge is to control the mania. Once the mania is controlled the creative and artistic flow gets organized among the bipolars. Though it’s very difficult to maintain this balance among bipolars. But medicines to control the mania has responded well in most of the cases.

Q. Where can you get completely disclosed help for alcoholism? Whether it be online, or in real life where could someone get help for alcoholism? Would a VA hospital be okay if you are a veteran?

A. Here is a template that will give you some information:

there are rehab centers and AA meetings all over the U.S.- look for them in the yellow pages.

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