complementary structures

com·ple·men·ta·ry struc·tures

structures that define one another, for example, the two strands of duplex DNA.
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What we have shown here is that we can design and build synthetic alpha sheets with complementary structures to inhibit aggregation and toxicity of amyloid beta while leaving the biologically active monomers intact," said Daggett.
Under the Process Plant Construction Permit, the company is allowed construction of the Corani process plant, waste and tailings co-disposal facilities, water storage system and auxiliary buildings, a laboratory, internal energy system as well as other complementary structures.
The active site(s) of enzymes are organised in such a way that only substrates with complementary structures will fit perfectly, after which catalysis will occur.
This principle is of fundamentally importance and can be applied to find the impedance for a wide variety of complementary structures. However, it cannot provide a priori information for non-self-complementary spiral antennas since [Z.sub.metal] and [Z.sub.slot] are typically unknown.
This demonstrates that the expression fulfills the relationship of complementary structures and accurately predicts the input impedance of Archimedean spiral antenna.
For deliberate collaboration and information sharing with partners that only have access to unclassified networks, the IJC leverages two Internet sites with complementary structures and customers: the Civil-Military Overview and the Ronna-Afghan Web portal.
"Their work is about developing complementary structures as countries reestablish their loan guarantees so that education is a leg up and not something that's just provided for," Steel said.
Numerous papers experimentally verify the resonant characteristics and explain the resonant phenomena, such as the exploration of six different complementary structures with one resonant frequency [34] and the analysis of resonances in SRR with one or two resonant peak [35].
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