complementary colors

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com·ple·men·ta·ry col·ors

pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
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They then use complementary colors to color the design.
For example, if the structure separates light into a certain color and its complementary color, color pixels of white + red, white - red, white + blue, and white - blue are obtained and, using the arithmetic processing technique, are translated into normal color images without any loss of resolution.
What made Chevreul's stamp on the arts was his theory of complementary colors and his 74-color "wheel.
Finally, place navigational icons in the same location on each page and use a consistent color scheme of complementary colors throughout the site.
5 -- 6 -- color) Handmade stoneware in complementary colors from Linens-N-Things ($24 per place setting) warms up the dining room.
Tarkett Commercial offers innovative and creative design options by creating products that offer complementary colors and patterns so that products can be mixed and matched.
He added petit points, or tiny dots, of complementary colors that, through blending in the viewers' eyes, form a single, more brilliantly luminous hue.
The Go-Go design features parallel lines in varying widths, and Viva's thin lines in complementary colors create an illusion of movement.
Tinted paper stock, different yet complementary colors, and dramatic use of colored inks are other ways to appear colorful.
Split complementary colors create pleasing combinations with interesting contrast-for example, a color plus the two colors on either side of its direct complement, such as violet with yellow orange and yellow green.
If elementary art classes taught me anything, it's that complementary colors on the color wheel cancel out each other.

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