complementary colors

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com·ple·men·ta·ry col·ors

pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
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Caption: Complementary colors (colors on opposite sides of the color wheel), such as those used for the featured sample, have the most dramatic impact.
If value range is controlled If value range is controlled well, two pairs of complementary colors can produce a pleasing and exciting design.
Choosing colors: When choosing colors for your thumbnails, try to use complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel.
* Do the same with complementary colors. Pull swatches of some of your most popular neutrals, yellows and teals and put them on display with the samples that coordinate well with Radiant Orchid.
Fine-tuning their shapes causes the efficient separation of certain colors and their complementary colors, or the splitting of white light into blue, green, and red like a prism, with almost no loss of light.
To achieve white emission from OLEDs, various several methods have been tried to obtain optimal WOLEDs, for example, using two complementary colors (blue and yellow), multi-layer stack of three primary colors (red, green, and blue) and two or three colors of the dye doped into single host material [5-7].
Blanket America offers a number of blankets and throws in matching or complementary colors — the $79.99 Cable Knit Throw is available in brick red, chocolate, and navy, for exact matches, and ivory, sage, and aqua to set off the Nebo Dots sheets' colors.
What made Chevreul's stamp on the arts was his theory of complementary colors and his 74-color "wheel." In 1828, he demonstrated that the way a color looks to the eye is influenced by the colors that surround it.
Bypassing the subjectivity of human perception, he then turned to the Albert Munsell color system--a scale of hue, lightness, and chroma, officially used by the USDA to categorize soil samples (from the literal "ground"), among other scientific applications--to select pairs of complementary colors. Deploying these to represent the light and dark sections of the fabric, he painted an image of the canvas's grain onto each primed surface.
Finally, place navigational icons in the same location on each page and use a consistent color scheme of complementary colors throughout the site.
Tarkett Commercial offers innovative and creative design options by creating products that offer complementary colors and patterns so that products can be mixed and matched.
Seurat worked on La Grande Jatte from the spring of 1884 until the spring of 1885, covering its surface with small brushstrokes of complementary colors. He did not return to the work again until October 1885.

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