complementary colors

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com·ple·men·ta·ry col·ors

pairs of different colors of light that produce white light when combined.
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This is when red and its complementary color cyan are paired with a second complementary set right next to them on the color wheel.
Astrophotographers working with narrowband filters have more leeway to take advantage of complementary color schemes, because they can assign each narrowband image to a different color channel to achieve dramatically different results than imagers working in RGB color.
Fine-tuning their shapes causes the efficient separation of certain colors and their complementary colors, or the splitting of white light into blue, green, and red like a prism, with almost no loss of light.
To describe the various temperature ranges, 11 color combinations were used, which were generated by using the three complementary color filters (magenta, yellow and cyan) and a maximum of 2 strikes/spot.
One color is seen by reflection at the specular angle, and its complementary color is transmitted through the platelet and is seen by transmission.
Startling yellow-and-violet or red-andgreen complementary color pairs can be used.
The two timepieces; the GA1100-2B and the GA1100-9G offer new complementary color adds.
While pairing differently colored socks has become the trend, wearers can now enjoy different but complementary color combinations in their shoes, too.
Pick a scarf in a complementary color, then knot it or tie a bow at your natural waist.
Work with shades and tints of complementary color harmonies in defining the positive and negative shapes of a bike.
If you like complementary color combinations, then lighten or darken one or both shades if you want to reduce intensity.

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