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Johnson, Parsley and Blackwell all reacted defensively and angrily to the publicity surrounding the IRS complaint.
After being told she couldn't file an anonymous complaint, she waited two months, then filed an official complaint.
More than 100 of 126 complaints received in fiscal years 2003 and 2004 were unresolved as of July 2004, with at least one-fourth of those open for 260 to 680 days.
Certainly, the efforts have increased awareness of sexual harassment and the number of complaints registered.
Department of Transportation received more than 120,000 complaints about mishandled baggage during a one-month period, and more than 22,000 complaints from passengers who missed flights due to overbooking during a nine-month period.
In that same year, the California attorney general authorized the MLU agent to travel to the Republic of Mexico and file Article IV criminal complaints for California police departments, sheriffs' offices, and district attorneys.
He added that the change was completely unrelated to the complaint.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) will investigate complaints regarding Title I, or employment discrimination, such as being denied a promotion because of a physical disability.
Instead, the House's quirky rules required Ruskin to either find a Congressman to sponsor his complaint, or obtain three letters from members officially refusing to do so.
As of March 1, all non-emergency, building-wide and service complaints will have to be made in writing by tenants and sent to owners at least 10 days before filing a complaint with DHCR.