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n a computer program that translates a high-level language program into a corresponding machine instruction. The program that results from compiling is a translated and expanded version of the original program.
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16 says the accountant is not obligated to compile financial statements he or she has not generated or materially modified.
15) to a client or others, he or she must at least compile those statements in accordance with SSARS no.
Hammer(R) offers a patented, next-generation hardware accelerator for Verilog simulations with the fastest compile times and run times, while at the same time offering ease of use and debugging capability comparable to that of software simulators.
With its 128-way parallel processor technology, Hammer offers leading capacity, compile times, run times, debug features, ease-of-use, and scalability," notes Rahm Shastry, senior vice president of Marketing and Sales for Tharas Systems.
This new product offers incremental compile and automatic partitioning for RTL and behavioral blocks, giving users a simplified flow for bringing up their VHDL designs on the emulator.
Links2Go uses patent-protected, proprietary, automated technology to compile and prioritize links to the most relevant Internet content on tens of thousands of topics spanning tens of millions of Web pages.
Compile times are short and software functional simulation is 100 to 1000 times faster than Verilog RTL simulation.
This permits users to simulate designs as large as 200 million gates (MegaSim is the ONLY technology that efficiently compiles a design of this size) on their desktop with an optimized memory footprint, higher simulation speed and faster compile time.