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n a computer program that translates a high-level language program into a corresponding machine instruction. The program that results from compiling is a translated and expanded version of the original program.
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So I wrote, for example, that one Ibn al-Majdi in the mid-15th-century had compiled some ingenious auxiliary tables for computing the solar, lunar and planetary positions needed for annual ephemerides (taqwim, pl.
Beckham immediately replied with one of the most impressive breaks of the season when he compiled a breathtaking 108 clearance to go two up.
The agency's in-house report released last Tuesday after the scandal surfaced said the officer compiled the personal data on such people ''for his own use.
Some practitioners issue monthly financial statements, label them "draft" and never follow up with monthly compiled financial statements under the erroneous belief the yearend compiled financial statements serve as final financial statements for the 12 monthly drafts.
Direct-compiled VHDL simulation technology allows VHDL to be compiled into generic RISC (reduced instruction set compiler) instructions, which are then mapped into the instruction set of the workstations that the simulation is executed on.
Also, additional calling conventions (ways in which the function call and function return are coded) have been added and these can be optionally used to further increase the speed of the compiled program.
Crimson senior captain Noah Welch (Brighton, MA), a defenseman who was a semifinalist in his sophomore year, has been the leader of a stout Harvard defensive corps and has compiled 5-7-12 in scoring.
With a strong working knowledge of compiled, response, and specialty data, data processing, data segmentation, modeling, and profiling, Sandy is experienced in creating complete marketing solutions.
Their reports, compiled through these programs, show that there is an estimated total of 32,000 oz of gold in the currently identified orebodies.
Work progress and data will be compiled by Jan Klein and Dr.
Design blocks or chips can be compiled separately and linked later to allow for pre-compiled modules (PCM) that can be managed and linked during compile time.