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The Authority will also represent the nation at various international forums in the field of statistics and competitiveness.
The group of EU countries with high but stagnating or declining competitiveness includes Belgium, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and Finland.
Andhra Pradesh has done well on the business environment and macroeconomic indicator factors of manufacturing competitiveness index.
The WCC will release its 2014 world competitiveness rankings in May 2014.
Giokas linked the competitiveness of a country like Pakistan to the promotion of agriculture.
True, Europe's competitiveness is declining, but Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Norway are shining successes.
Speaking on the occasion, Khawaja Muhammad Yousuf, Chief Executive Officer of NPO, highlighted that "Pakistan ranks 124 among a total of 144 countries and there is a need to synergize country's resources, both technically and physically to uplift our industry with special focus towards competitiveness and productivity".
We could not have achieved these outcomes without the collaboration of federal and local entities and government bodies working to improve the competitiveness of the country," she added.
In this paper we will explore the area of assessing competitiveness in dynamics, as we consider any organization is interested not only in very good present result, but also in maintaining them over the time.
Asian giants China, India and the Republic of Korea lead the current competitiveness index and are expected to retain their top three rankings over the next five years.
Political topicalities raise a need for development of a new concept of the competitiveness and revealing relationships between sustainable development and competitiveness.
LIVERPOOL has fallen further behind the UK average for business competitiveness in the last two years, according to a report by the Centre for International Competitiveness.