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These competitive bidding rates will then be used by CMS to set the rates in the non-competitive bidding areas in the rest of the country.
Under competitive bidding, the market would price these parameters.
At a minimum, competitive bidding requires bidders: multiple, identifiable "health plans" that are able and willing to submit bids to provide some defined health care benefit.
Competitive bidding will occur and the time for preparation is at hand.
"Applying competitive bidding paces for diabetes testing supplies to independent community pharmacies is financially unsustainable for these pharmacies and will hurt seniors."
CMS is announcing the next steps to implement the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program now to give the supplier community ample time to prepare as well as inform other stakeholders," said Charlene Frizzera, CMS acting administrator.
The 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, best known for implementing a prescription drug benefit for seniors, also included a provision for a competitive bidding demonstration project for Medicare Part B clinical laboratory services to occur in two areas.
Competitive bidding could reduce Medicare program payments by providing an incentive for suppliers to accept lower payments for items and services to retain their ability to serve beneficiaries and potentially increase their market share.
CAP's testimony stressed that competitive bidding, as a payment method for clinical-laboratory services, will have a negative impact on access to and quality of clinical-laboratory services.
Due to multiple bidders and the competitive bidding process, the team was able to save an estimated $2.7 million versus original projections.
The Service will conduct a competitive bidding process in choosing PCAs.
Caplan's report also supports the competitive bidding process with some changes.

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