competent authority

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competent authority

(1) Any person or organisation with statutorily delegated or vested authority, capacity, or power to perform a designated function.

(2) A regulatory body authorised by a European Member State government to monitor compliance with the national statutes and regulations, and carry out duties on behalf of the government in compliance with EU law.

Competent Authority

A country’s regulatory body (e.g., the MHRA in the UK, Italian Medicine Agency, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany, etc.) that is charged with monitoring compliance with the national statutes and regulations of European Member States.
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Currently, too much of the time between meetings of the Competent Authorities is spent forwarding additional questions to the taxpayer, when these questions can often be answered quickly at a Competent Authority meeting if the taxpayer attended.
You will help the competent authority staff member who does the first selection immensely.
Transfer Pricing: Competent Authority Consideration concludes with a discussion of the costs and benefits of competent authority agreements.
VerifAvia is the First Aviation Verifier to be Approved by the Competent Authority of France.
competent authority when it submits the request to the IRS.
75, (3) including, in appropriate cases, a request for competent authority assistance.
Any information firms receive from patients and users regarding negative side effects of their devices must be passed on to the products' manufacturers or authorized representatives as well as the Competent Authority chairperson.
PARIS and LONDON, August 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Paris-based VerifAvia SARL, an EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) verification body dedicated to the aviation sector, announces today that it is the first verification body to be approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), the Competent Authority of France.
competent authority as soon as the foreign jurisdiction notified the foreign affiliate that it was under examination.
Mediation now is unavailable for taxpayers who have filed a request for competent authority assistance, a procedure used to resolve tax treaty issues.
The SSAS alert is a one-way, ship-to-shore alarm that originates aboard ship and is transmitted by an authorized communications provider to the competent authority as designated by the vessel's flag state.
Furthermore, the suitability of an officer for promotion to BS-21 is determined by the Provincial Selection Board from amongst the panel of officers according to their seniority and after approval of the recommendations of the board by the competent authority, such promotion is granted".

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