competent authority

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competent authority

(1) Any person or organisation with statutorily delegated or vested authority, capacity, or power to perform a designated function.

(2) A regulatory body authorised by a European Member State government to monitor compliance with the national statutes and regulations, and carry out duties on behalf of the government in compliance with EU law.

Competent Authority

A country’s regulatory body (e.g., the MHRA in the UK, Italian Medicine Agency, Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany, etc.) that is charged with monitoring compliance with the national statutes and regulations of European Member States.
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The Dubai Data Law provides that Dubai Data shall be published and exchanged via an electronic system, bulletins, reports, and any other means determined by a Competent Authority.
TEI would go further and permit the taxpayer to be involved in the arbitrator selection process to vet the qualifications of any potential candidates and have a say in their selection, along with each Competent Authority. In addition, to ensure impartiality and independence, any prospective arbitrators that have violated the standard declaration of impartiality and independence should be barred from being an arbitrator.
5) Defining the competent authority for unifying and applying the international standards in the statistical work.
"I assumed duties on 01st of June 2018 as a Competent Authority to the Sri Lanka Cricket Board and identified urgent tasks that need to be completed.
competent authority, through APMA and TAIT, will informally consult with taxpayers regarding whether a taxpayer has exhausted all of its effective and practical remedies to reduce its tax liability under foreign law before claiming a U.S.
competent authority. Protective claims for refund should be filed within the 10-year statute because taxpayers should not assume that the U.S.
Moreover, on the recommendations of Provincial Selection Board, the Competent Authority Chief Minister, has also ordered the promotion of Dr.
Competent Authority assists taxpayers regarding matters covered in the mutual agreement procedure articles of the income tax treaties to which the United States is a party.
Jahangir Khan LS-I of PESCO's Domel sub division Bannu and Naheed Ullah LS-II Pesco (M and T) Bannu presently posted in Mardan Circle were served notices to clear their position but they failed to satisfy the competent authority.
ISLAMABAD, March 24, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Government has directed all ministries and divisions not to Purchase anything without taking approval from competent authority or forum.
A competent authority of a foreign-sending country has entered a decree of adoption with respect to the foreign-born child or has authorized the child to leave the foreign-sending country under a guardianship or legal custody arrangement; and

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