skills validation

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skills val·i·da·tion

(skilz val'i-dā'shŭn)
A regularly scheduled assessment, usually annual, of the competence of nursing staff by administrative personnel of a health care institution; the purpose is to ensure delivery of safe, consistent, appropriate nursing care; both written and clinical testing may be used; nurses are tested on both generic and specialty-specific skills.
Synonym(s): competence testing.
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The study concluded that a new selection process, including examinations and competence testing, should be introduced for promotions to managerial posts, through the creation of an evaluation centre that will assess candidates.
Stuart, 53, said: "If procedures to have language testing and clinical competence testing were in place then my father wouldn't have been killed.
Although self-report measures have been criticized as too subjective and less valid because of strong social desirability tendencies, in more recent years there have been strong movements towards shifting from ability and aptitude testing to competence testing (Pervin, 1990).
The paper ends with recommendations for further research on minimum competence testing and placement and notes the follow-up studies to this study that will be done by the researchers.
v Turlington (the case challenging Florida's minimum competence test) convinced the courts that minimum competence testing provided just the push these kids needed, pointing out that by the fifth attempt, more than 90 percent of them passed.
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