compensatory movement

com·pen·sa·to·ry move·ment

(kŏm-pen'să-tōr-ē mūv'mĕnt)
Movement used habitually to achieve functional motor skills when a normal movement pattern has not been established or is unavailable (e.g., lateral trunk flexion and exaggerated weight shift to substitute for incomplete shoulder flexion while reaching above shoulder level or external rotation of the shoulder that extends the elbow if the triceps muscle is insufficient).
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Even more careful analysis has demonstrated that although the ability to grasp has returned, there are residual fine motor deficits that lead to the development of compensatory movement of individual digits despite further training [73, 131, 132].
It was concluded that compensatory movement patterns in female collegiate athletes can increase the risk of injury and that these patterns can be identified by using the FMS.
Two recent studies have helped identify what is taking place below the surface that might account for a mysterious overabundance of less dense water mixing downward without compensatory movement from below.
This new movement pattern is termed a compensatory movement control strategy.
Rather, the goal is to facilitate their development of gross motor skills, while minimizing the development of abnormal compensatory movement patterns that children with Down syndrome are prone to develop.
Are these CIMT-induced improvements related to more efficient, compensatory movement strategies, such as proximal trunk-shoulder movements, or do they reflect true repair in the sense of regaining neurological functions reflected in more distally oriented hand function?
The moment he rises in order to pass the hurdle, the athlete will suffer only the influence of the weight, the position of his weight center will move in a determinate way within the gravitational field and the movement of the active segments during his passing the hurdle will generate a compensatory movement of the other segments in order to respect the mechanical theorems.
The test was performed with the patients in prone and sitting positions using the positions necessary for fine muscles testing method described by Lovett without eliciting compensatory movements. The values occurring with isometric contraction on the HDD were recorded in kilograms.
(iii) Trunk compensation: information derived mainly from the marker placed on the sternum, describing the compensatory movements of the trunk during the reaching movements.
We hypothesized that UL asymmetry would be higher in patients with DMD/BMD than in healthy controls, because patients show many compensatory movements.
Learning in her forties that she was autistic brought her understanding of her life-long difficulties navigating through life--poor social skills, communication difficulties, sensory sensitivities a need for routine, memory issues, and stimming, compensatory movements when trying to be still.