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Providing compensation; making up for a deficiency or loss.
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Providing compensation; making up for a deficiency or loss.
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The Ministry of Petroleum aims to increase the productivity of existing gas fields and complete the development of the discovered ones in order to put them on the production map, which would compensate for the natural decline.
Longstanding disputes related to compensation are therefore required to be settled at the earlier, and at the same time it is the duty of the federal government to prescribe a policy to promptly compensate those affected by land acquisition in the future, he said.
"Insurance companies collect premiums, but do not compensate for damage when an accident occurs.
He had said that SNGPL's all regional offices were collecting data of bills with pressure factor so as to compensate the consumers.
Star TV, the official broadcast rights holder of all ICC tournaments, had deducted all taxes before paying the global body for the World T20 played in 2016, and the latter now wants the BCCI to compensate for it.
Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered the minister, Ith Sam Heng, to use a special budget for the purpose to compensate the workers, find them new jobs and create a mechanism to prevent factory owners from abandoning their plants and fleeing.
New Delhi [India], June 23 ( ANI ): The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Saturday asked the Delhi government to compensate for their loss over the Delhi Master Plan for 2021.
Another passenger said he will not accept the compensation and will file a civil complaint or even sue Jeju Air if the airliner refuses to fairly compensate him and the other passengers.
Justice Maqbool Baqar remarked that the government had also promised to compensate and give plots to the families of police personnel who got killed in a bomb blast occurred at his convoy in 2013.
They are also unwilling to recognise the crimes they committed against the Jews," the paper said, adding that time has come for Egypt and the Arab countries to apologise for their crimes against Jews and compensate them for the properties confiscated by the state.
(It was not mentioned by the President but he committed that he will compensate those who were killed.)
Royal Bank of Scotland (LSE: RBS) is to compensate small business customers after admitting that it treated them badly during the financial crisis years.

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