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The division of a cell into different regions, either structurally or biochemically.
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Secrecy, compartmentation, and overclassification today are used to conceal malfeasance, systemic corruption, and intelligence shortfalls," argues John Maguire, a career CIA operations officer who retired several years ago.
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The higher K+ contents in plant tissue under salt stress could be due to ability of plant to do selective K+ uptake and selective cellular K+ and Na+ compartmentation and their distribution in the shoots (Carden et al.
2]) water compartmentation, or restricted diffusion, or a combination of these, might affect the data processing, resulting in changing FA values with changing b-value.
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Few NBC guidelines like Compartmentation (All floors shall be compartmented with area not exceeding 750 m2 by a separation wall with 2 h fire rating; for floor with sprinklers the area can be increased by 50%) cannot be implemented in IT campuses because IT/ITes function require large floor plates.
Secondly, they relate to the technology, whether it be the provision of lifeboats and life rafts, hull construction material and methods or watertight compartmentation.
thickening which caused septation and compartmentation of the pericardium and a 1500 cc hemorrhagic jelly-like fluid drainage.
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