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To separate into isolated compartments/categories—e.g., when 2 or more sets of facts are known and normally result in a particular insight, the insight does not occur when the facts remain in distinct compartments
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But any attempt to consider how particular movements interacted, overlapped and influenced each other, or the critical effect of migration (for instance the importance of the European emigre contribution to art and architecture in America since the Second World War) is simply not entertained, because of the curatorial urge to obsessively compartmentalize and liberate art from the supposedly moribund corset of chronology.
The case studies underscore above all the vitality of the medieval chivalric mentality until well into the seventeenth century, and Goodman thus demonstrates that it is a futile if not a redundant activity for scholars to compartmentalize history into periods with well defined beginnings and ends.
By their very nature, visual media compartmentalize and fragment what they show.
Also, gay men who are open about their sexuality are less apt to compartmentalize their lives than those who are closeted, experts say.
Totally,'' Phil Jackson said Wednesday after the Lakers' off-day practice session in El Segundo when I asked if he is able to compartmentalize as a Kobe-watcher as Kobe is as a player.