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To separate into isolated compartments/categories—e.g., when 2 or more sets of facts are known and normally result in a particular insight, the insight does not occur when the facts remain in distinct compartments
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In short, Turkey's balancing act with Iran and its ability to compartmentalize is likely to serve not only Turkish and Iranian economic interests, but also larger regional and European energy needs as well.
Flitting from one seemingly unrelated topic to the next, the pundits compartmentalize current affairs into discrete little pellets carefully encapsulated so as not to bleed into each other.
The Islamic regime rightly believed that Obama wanted a nuclear deal so much that it would compartmentalize different problems with Iran.
It could have intervened in Syria and continued the talks with Iran with the belief that the Islamic regime needs to compartmentalize things as much as Washington does.
Seriously, we're professionals; we can compartmentalize and do our job.
To accelerate the capture process, a "VRS QC Later" feature compartmentalizes poor-quality images for quality control or re-scan, rather than halting the scanning process each time one appears.
Stephens perhaps sometimes too sharply compartmentalizes the idea of sex from its emotional resonances ("Literate interest in copulation with demons was hardly driven [only] by prurience, misogyny, or puritanical fervor," 19).