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To separate into isolated compartments/categories—e.g., when 2 or more sets of facts are known and normally result in a particular insight, the insight does not occur when the facts remain in distinct compartments
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It's been a pretty intense week here between one thing and another so I have to compartmentalise my brain.
What I hope he'd say is 'nope, when I go to the World Cup with England it's something different and I can compartmentalise - whatever happens at United is not going to affect me here'.
He said either Bingle was good for the cricketer or, like his close friend Shane Warne, Clarke had a rare ability to compartmentalise his public and private lives.
And with the increased power, it could also suction up and compartmentalise all things around the house that exceed 10lbs in weight - like toys, children, ex-boyfriends and your stack of Weight Watchers cook books.
We need to compartmentalise our lives, between Parliament and families.
And many of us will compartmentalise friendships and relationships with men in the same way that we compartmentalise our wardrobe.
Researchers suggested the results showed men were able to compartmentalise their lives more than women, putting aside their stresses and leaving work at work.
He can compartmentalise his use of prostitutes from all other aspects of his life but it's a huge deal for you.
They need to learn how to compartmentalise their lives so that their personal problems have nothing to do with their jobs.
Few men can compartmentalise their emotions like that.