comparative effectiveness

comparative effectiveness,

n the assessment of the relative merits of two active therapeutic approaches by direct comparison.
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Takeda Pharmaceutical announced new real-world data evaluating the comparative effectiveness of Entyvio and tumor necrosis factor-alpha-antagonist therapy in patients with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease.
They reported the findings in a recent Comparative Effectiveness Review.
A major contributing factor for not meeting this goal is the lack of usable knowledge on the comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of treatments and care delivery models in "real life" (non-controlled) situations for specific patient populations and/or under specific circumstances.
M2 PHARMA-January 20, 2017-Gonitro to Participate in US NIH-Sponsored Comparative Effectiveness ISCHEMIA Clinical Trial
Clinical trial data support the use of vancomycin over metronidazole for those with initial Clostridium difficile infection, and fidaxomicin over vancomycin for the prevention of recurrent infection, according to a newly released update of the 2011 Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Comparative Effectiveness Review.
This gap between supply and demand is complicated by the tendency of decision makers to assess evidence based on study design rather than whether the evidence credibly answers the question that's being asked," commented Jennifer Graff, vice president for comparative effectiveness research at NPC.
Today at the Drug Information Association s 2013 Annual Meeting, Deloitte and Intermountain Healthcare announce the launch of OutcomesMiner, an analytics tool designed to give researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies the data-driven insight needed to conduct comparative effectiveness research and bring new therapies to market more rapidly.
The evaluation of clinical utility of a molecular diagnostic test is inherently a comparative effectiveness question, as the assessment requires a comparison of the effects of testing vs not testing (or new test vs standard test) on clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.
He serves on the board of directors of Insulet, NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation) (chair), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Medical Standards (chair), New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (CEPAC) and Temple University School of Medicine Board of Advisors.
AHRQ's Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs: Comparative Effectiveness Review and Meta-Analysis compared the effectiveness, risks, and benefits of 104 school-based interventions.
Comparative effectiveness of noninvasive ventilation vs invasive mechanical ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients with acute respiratory failure.
Comparative effectiveness usually compares two or more types of treatment, such as different drugs, for the same disease.

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