comparative medicine

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com·par·a·tive med·i·cine

a field of study concentrating on similarities and differences between veterinary medicine and human medicine.
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comparative medicine

The study of health, illness, and the effects of treatment on mammals, e.g., primates or rodents, or on nonmammalian organisms, e.g., bacteria, fish, flies, yeasts.
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In the month of March 2019, the command generated N25.9 billion, which shows an increase of N2.1 billion when compared to the N23.9 billion, generated in the comparative period of 2018 which rose astronomically to a total of N27.8 billion in April 2019 when compared to the N28.1 billion generated in the comparative period of last year.
Reported headline earnings and basic earnings for the comparative period were R2,977 million and R2,943 million, while reported HEPS and EPS for the comparative period were R9.31 and R9.21, respectively.
The Darwins serve to bookend the study and exemplify the contrasting models of history at play, but Griffiths is primarily interested in the Darwins as mutual collaborators within the nineteenth-century project of comparative historicism sustained collectively across a broader network of scientific, historical, and literary authors.
Consumer's clarity about the product and its features is higher when they watch the company product in a comparative advertisement against a generic type of advertisement (Grewal et al., 1997).
So government of Pakistan should use normalized reveal comparative advantage for measuring comparative advantage, instead of traditional and outdated methods.
From the perspective of the history of world Comparative Literature, the crisis has reached two climaxes, or two waves of high tide.
Avellaneda (Associate Professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.), "Comparative Public Management" is especially commended to the attention of students and scholars of public administration and public policy.
At present, the research method of comparative literature has expanded into other areas, and establish many disciplines such as comparative sociology, comparative jurisprudence, and so on.
The opening essay by Charles Ross begins by acknowledging the changes that a global literary imagination implies although the essay itself can be seen as operating within the parameters of traditional comparative Literature scholarship.
Comparative Environmental Politics provides a long-needed foundation for and much overdue effort to bring cutting-edge comparative political science research and insights to environmental issues.

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