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compacter (kompak´tər),

n a rotary instrument used in the McSpadden endodontic technique to condense the guttapercha cone into the root canal.
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The solar panel provides the power for the internal compacter which is triggered when the contents of the bin reaches a certain volume.
Green gadget boss Eamon Treacy was one of the first to fall foul of Ms Newman when she backed his pitch for the Bin Trasher waste compacter.
Randalls Fabrications has supplied two specially modified versions of its Simpak PP15 portable compacter for use in BIOGENS's waste recycling operations.
Luckily for her, staff spotted the piece of jewellery before it was put into a compacter.
45am a normal compacter waste collection lorry stopped outside his house, collected his black bags and drove away, driving past all the other missed black bags in the process.
Phoenix will purchase an alternative-fuel truck with a rear-load compacter, a John Deere Gator tractor with a tilt bed and special-venue collection containers to implement this project.
2 indicate that the increased film thickness led to the improved surface smoothness and the compacter structure of the film, when the film was relatively thicker from 50 to 200 nm.
Leading prices: pounds 3,600 Marshall Bale Trailer, pounds 2,200 Grahams Edward Cattle Trailer, pounds 1,250 Ifor Williams Trailer, pounds 1,000 Slurry Tanker, pounds 700 Generator, pounds 680 Floatation Tyres, pounds 580 Tullan Muckspreader, pounds 520 SR Holland Feeder Wagon, pounds 500 Abbey Feed Mixer, pounds 350 Pressure Washer, pounds 310 David Thomas Post Knocker, pounds 300 Slurry Whisk, pounds 280 Ground Compacter, pounds 260 Saw Beech.
The waste disposal companies have big compacter vehicles--but these are no good for electricals that need recycling or repair They don't have the storage facilities.
It is beyond me why anyone would even contemplate the idea of writing a book about rubbish, but beginning in the days of the horse and cart and bringing us through to the more recent days of incinerators and compacter trucks Pellow offers us a detailed insight, and probably a useful study tool, into the environmental inequalities of the place otherwise known as the 'Windy City'.
Direct purchase: A plastic compacter machine is sought by Asiplastic (the Salvadoran Association of Plastic Industries, representing 55 companies).
A spokeswoman for Bedford Hospital said: "Unfortunately, due to an error by a member of hospital staff, the container was placed in a refuse sack and consequently placed in a waste compacter.