stratum compactum

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strat·um com·pac·'tum

the superficial layer of decidual tissue in the pregnant uterus, in which the interglandular tissue preponderates.
Synonym(s): compacta

stra·tum com·pac·tum

(strā'tŭm kŏm-pak'tŭm)
The superficial layer of decidual tissue in the pregnant uterus, in which the interglandular tissue preponderates.

stratum compactum

The superficial or outermost layer of the endometrium.
See also: stratum
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Dopamine is produced in the neurons of the pars compacta region of the substantia nigra within the basal ganglia, but also in other areas of the CNS and throughout the body (Herrero et al.
compacta had three of the commonly shared proteins.
The blue line represents the loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta of PD patients which underlies cardinal motor signs.
The Tom Chandley double rack oven is used for production of delicate items such as burger buns, muffins and pastries whilst the Compacta Deck oven bakes heavier products such as sourdough bread.
Diterpenoids from Azorella compacta (Umbelliferae) active on Trypanosoma cruzi.
Apesar dessa dificuldade em defini-los, o autor parte do fato de que os proverbios sao, primordialmente, um genero oral (mesmo, sendo muito usados na escrita) cuja forma interna compacta facilita sua veiculacao e memorizacao.
The neurodegenerative death of dopaminergic neurons in the pars compacta of the substantia nigra leads to the classic triad of rigidity, resting tremor and bradykinesia (2).
For those wanting to spy native fauna in their natural habitat, kangaroos and wallabies tend to graze for longer during the daylight hours of winter, koala joeys can be seen in the safe and warm arms of their furry mums from late July, and it's a great time to catch a glimpse of the Otways carnivorous snail - the fabulously named Victaphanta compacta.
The cell bodies of dopaminergic neurons are located in the hypothalamus and in brain stem regions known as the substantia nigra pars compacta and the ventral tegmental area (see figure 3).
In troughs and raised beds add at least one winter evergreen, such as dwarf or slow growing conifer such as Chamaecyparis Compacta.
Tal resultado pode ser explicado pela anAlise realizada em amostras distintas e pelo fato das amostras do torrao apresentarem uma estrutura mais compacta durante a coleta como evidenciado pelos valores de [d.