compact disk

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compact disk (CD)

an optical disk on which computer data are encoded or on which sound is recorded in a digital format. A CD has a capacity of 650 megabytes of data or 75 minutes of recorded music. Also spelled contact disk.
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The compact disk is narrated and features closed captioning.
The units are made from grooved aluminium plates for compact disks and grooved plastic for cassettes.
Having a shorter wavelength creates a more concentrated beam of light that can focus to a smaller spot size, and therefore, is able to store and read much more information on the same size compact disk.
The bootable compact disks for users of new Macintosh computers released in 2001 -- except the 2001 Titanium PowerBook -- are available for $14.
Kodak Optical Storage Products designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of 14-inch and compact disk optical storage products.

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