compact disc

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compact disc/read only memory

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The final chapter surveys the manufacturing process of the compact disc.
pre-recorded and blank tapes, compact discs, floppy disks, and disposable and rechargeable batteries.
Subscribers purchasing Zoological Record on Compact Disc Volumes 115-129 before September 30, 1993 will receive a 20 percent prepublication discount.
In 1994, China was the world's largest exporter of pirated compact discs, digital video discs and software on CD-ROM, said U.
All West case law compact disc sets use PREMISE search and retrieval software.
Resembling giant sequins, the compact discs are strung with clear lights along the front white wrought-iron fence and along a side fence at their residence in the 2500 block of West Avenue N, where the Warings moved seven years ago from Marina del Rey.
Virtually every song Sinatra committed to tape is available on compact disc, said Jonathan Schwartz, a disc jockey for WQEW in New York City and an expert on the singer.
In addition to high resolution(R) 192KHz/24 bit stereo capability, DVD-Audio offers 96Khz/24 bit multi-channel audio performance--providing the consumer with a level of playback quality that is 1000 times superior to Compact Disc and sonically bit for bit equal to the original studio master tapes.
The DVD is as big a deal to video as the compact disc was to audio,'' Carl Yankowski, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, said in an interview.
Hoping to attract attention to their music, Russell and his bandmates scraped together money to rent a recording studio and contract with a company to manufacture 1,000 copies of the album on compact disc.
DVD-Audio is recognized as the natural successor to compact disc, delivering an audio experience that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master tapes.
Unlike other systems in which the soundtrack is placed directly on the film, DTS records the soundtrack on a separate compact disc which is played on a machine and synchronized with the movie through a series of time codes on the edge of the film.