compact disc

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compact disc/read only memory

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Hado Music is donating 400 compact disc programs, which include an instructional booklet, to the Lymphoma Research Foundation.
Police officers carried out several successful raids on compact disc factories in recent weeks in Guangdong Province, but those raids evidently were timed to impress the American negotiators, so it is not clear whether the police will remain as active.
Photo: (1--2) Sony's Legacy label has released the first four Byrds albums, rich with the sounds of Roger McGuinn, left, and Gene Clark, on compact discs, remastered from the original multitrack session tapes with new technology, bringing the sound quality into the modern era.
Products include special compilations of popular music on compact discs, instrumental backgrounds for commercials, sound effects, station identification jingles, radio station commercials produced for television broadcast, computer software used in music scheduling, and specialized software and computer equipment and compact disc players for radio stations.
Kao manufactures and markets a wide range of data storage products including diskettes, compact discs, CD-ROMs, data cartridges, magneto-optical disks, digital audio tapes (DATs) and global software distribution services to original equipment manufactures and branded product resellers.
develops software applications designed to encrypt and copy-protect digital music, video and other intellectual digital properties as they are transmitted on the Internet, or recorded on compact discs or DVD.
Simultaneously, Kao also announced completion of a $10 million expansion of its Lancaster, PA compact disc manufacturing and replication facility, increasing plant size to 60,000 square feet.
It has been of great importance that the company develop and prepare to bring new products to market in order to increase revenue and strengthen sales of compact disc libraries.
Barely larger than a compact disc, the Addonics Pocket DVD8x24 provides DVD/MPEG II as well as CD/CD-RW audio and video playback on all USB interface mobile computers and desktop PCs.
Mair says the chosen site offered an existing industrial building suitable for conversion to compact disc manufacturing and warehousing.
Will-Shown has committed to manufacture a minimum of 87 million copy protected audio compact disc products, each of which will be uniquely identified with the SUN-X trademark.
ATLANTA, June 30 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM's (NYSE: IBM) Multimedia Publishing Studio and Playboy Magazine (NYSE: PLAA) today announced an agreement for the Studio to publish Playboy's high-profile interviews on compact disc (CD-ROM).