community health nursing

com·mu·ni·ty health nurs·ing

(kŏ-myū'ni-tē helth nŭrs'ing)
Health care divided into public health and home care nursing; home care nursing provides intravenous therapy and wound care; public health nursing focuses on health promotion and illness prevention. Programs such as administration of flu vaccine in shopping centers are carried out by public health nurses; allows nurses a more independent practice than offered in a hospital.
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Q. is there a nurses community in this site?!

A. Here:

Do you work as a nurse yourself? Do you have any special interest or questions about nursing?

Q. how do i join the nurses community?

A. Go to 'My stuff' and then click on 'add your health interests', then add the tag "Nurses" to 'my interests'.
Once you have added it, click on 'save changes'.

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Pharmaceutics -Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) -RN-BSN Bridge Programme (for working nurses holding Diploma to upgrade to BSN) -Master of Science in Nursing - four Specialties - Adult Health Nursing, Psychiatric - Mental Health Nursing, Paediatric Nursing and Community Health Nursing. All programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Education, UAE, and the degrees are accepted internationally.
The event included a number of sports activities presented by a group of therapists, in addition to allocating a special corner to display the services provided by the primary healthcare institutions such as community health nursing, and elderly care.
Accordingly, this study introduced an e-book learning system suitable for community health nursing courses.
2015: CNA Certification in Community Health Nursing
CHNs undertake comprehensive psycho social, physical and functional assessments of clients, using documents based on NSW Health guidelines (Sydney District Nursing Assessment Tool, Community Health Nursing Assessment 2014; NSW Department of Health Supporting Families Early Package 2009) to gather comprehensive information about clients' lifestyle, health history and personal care needs, upon which care planning and referrals are based.
My professional background experience includes critical care nursing, community health nursing, wellness consulting and nursing administration as a site director for 9 years at Vermont Technical College before transitioning to my new role as Simulation Program Director.
"Community Health nursing focuses on the mother-child relationship.
Her field of expertise is Urgent Care and Community Health Nursing. Professor Ciance was inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society from Walden University in 2014.
Over her 27-plus years with Plunket, Trout has had a variety of work experiences, among them establishing a new regional nurse leadership role, developing two education courses and many education programmes, leading accreditation programmes for quality improvement, teaching community health nursing practice development, becoming an auditor and a quality reviewer, and developing quality and risk processes for staff and governance.
This article describes a partnership between a school of nursing (SON) and a local agency designed to ensure that senior community health nursing students gain the competencies required to meet the recommendations of the AACN and the IOM.
She earned a master's in community health nursing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and a doctorate in higher education and leadership from Widener University.

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