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, pl.


(kŏ-myū'ni-kans, kŏ-mū-ni-kan'tēz),
Communicating; connecting or joining.
[L. pres. p. of communico, pp. -atus, to share with someone, make common]


/com·mu·ni·cans/ (-kans) [L.] communicating.


(kŏ-mū′nĕ-kănz) [L. communicare, to connect with]
One of several communicating nerves or arteries.
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Ramus communicans, which is located between median nerve and ulnar nerve, is present within the fat tissue.
A chapter titled, "From Homo economicus to Homo communicans," walks us through the corporate world with history and then interpretation of the psychological management style that has dominated for at least the past 60 years.
51], esse formale principium essendi materiae, quasi esse suum communicans materiae.

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