commotio retinae

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com·mo·ti·o re·ti·nae

traumatic disorganization of retinal photoreceptors and milky edema in the posterior pole; usually resolves after a few days.

com·mo·ti·o ret·i·nae

(kō-mō'shē-ō ret'in-ē)
Disruption or disorganization of photoreceptors caused by edema resulting from blunt trauma.
See also: Berlin edema
[L., agitation of the retina]

commotio retinae

(kŏ-mō′shē-ō rĕt′ĭ-nē, kŏm-mō′tē-ō rĕ′tĭ-nī) [L. “disturbance of the retina”]
Retinal edema and bleeding occurring after blunt ocular trauma.
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Initial examination revealed visual acuity of 1/60 in left eye with relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD), commotio retinae and vitreous hemorrhage.
Visual acuity at presentation was hand movement (HM) at 1 meter in affected eye with hyphema, traumatic cataract, iridodialysis and severe commotio retinae.

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