commotio retinae

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com·mo·ti·o re·ti·nae

traumatic disorganization of retinal photoreceptors and milky edema in the posterior pole; usually resolves after a few days.
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com·mo·ti·o ret·i·nae

(kō-mō'shē-ō ret'in-ē)
Disruption or disorganization of photoreceptors caused by edema resulting from blunt trauma.
See also: Berlin edema
[L., agitation of the retina]
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commotio retinae

(kŏ-mō′shē-ō rĕt′ĭ-nē, kŏm-mō′tē-ō rĕ′tĭ-nī) [L. “disturbance of the retina”]
Retinal edema and bleeding occurring after blunt ocular trauma.
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The most frequent ocular findings in all injured eyes were vitreous haemorrhage 16(32.65%), superficial corneal FB 14(28.57%), cataract 12(24.48%), RD 8(16.32%) and commotio retinae 8(16.32%) (Figure)
Initial examination revealed visual acuity of 1/60 in left eye with relative afferent pupillary defect (RAPD), commotio retinae and vitreous hemorrhage.
89% of all subjects had subconjunctival haemorrhage, 7 subjects had minor peripheral commotio retinae, and no subjects had corneal abrasions.
The authors describe in BMJ Case Reports how Nerf guns caused internal bleeding in the eye in all three cases, with an 11-year-old patient suffering corneal oedema, anterior uveitis, localised angle recession and commotio retinae. The two adult patients had uveitis as well as hyphema.

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