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The various parts of the face (for example, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, and ears) that give to it individuality and character.
[through O. Fr., fr. L. factura, a making, fr. facio, to do]
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The circuit court held, consistent with other states, that parties must show more than a short visit to a state that recognizes common-law marriages as sufficient proof that they cohabitated for common-law marriage purposes.
As late as the 1960s, segregationist lawmakers defined common-law marriage as a formal marker for immorality and therefore a convenient justification for withholding social-welfare benefits from African-American residents.
The ALI is clearly focusing on the creation of a form of "marriage lite" for heterosexuals, a return to court-governed common-law marriage, but without extension to same-sex couples and subject to opting out via cohabitation agreements.
It also features in a host of popular dictionaries, even though common-law marriage is an "urban myth", said the Living Together organisation.
The Judge dismissed that argument, saying "...it is appropriate to apply those guidelines in situations of both married and unmarried persons in order that children may be treated fairly." He noted, "The applicant's counsel submitted that it would be offensive to social policy to have distinctions, for support purposes, between children of a `one-night encounter', or a common-law marriage, or a legal marriage.
We have no constitutional protection for "human dignity." Our states have spent this century dismantling-instead of creating- common-law marriage forms, so we have no recent legal history of recognizing families that don't start with wedding bells.
1984) (holding that same-sex individuals cannot create a common-law marriage contractually); Slayton v.
One of the most common errors many people tend to make in money matters concerns common-law marriage.
Travis County Probate Judge Guy Herman ruled Tuesday that banning gay marriage is illegal in a case filed by an Austin woman asking the county to recognize her eight-year relationship with another woman as a common-law marriage. The ruling prompted uncertainty among officials who were unsure what effect it has on gay marriage in the county.

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