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A slang acronym for waste of money, brains and time—something which is regarded as uninteresting and/or useless
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Opportunistic records of Common Wombat in the Pilliga Forest were collated over the period 2006-2017 while the author was resident in the local area and working as a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) ranger in the Pilliga Forest.
Records of Common Wombat in the Pilliga Forest from the period prior to 2006 were collated from the Atlas of NSW Wildlife and Atlas of Living Australia online databases (accessed 6 January 2018) and are summarised in Table 1.
Fifty-one field records of Common Wombat in the Pilliga Forest were collected by the author over the period 2006-2017, another 18 records were obtained from other local NPWS officers, and three records (dating from 20072008) from the Atlas of NSW Wildlife.
Proximity to vegetation cover and proximity to watercourses or gullies are important predictors for the presence of Common Wombat burrows (Roger et al.
The Common Wombat population in the Pilliga Forest is of regional conservation significance due to its location close to the western, inland edge of the species' distribution in a bioregion dominated by agriculture.

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