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The presentation of cases and preliminary epidemiologic data suggested a common source outbreak or toxic exposure, and a concerted effort was made to rule out possible infectious etiologies.
It was sudden onset, common source outbreak of epidemic dropsy in Dholkhakhara village of Panchmahal district.
Epidemic curve with single peak and moderate duration of about one month is suggestive of the common source outbreak of disease with incubation period of approximately 15 days to one month, which is a similar requisite for typhoid (11).
Typhimurium database since 1998, providing additional evidence that this cluster potentially represented a common source outbreak.
Common source outbreak of relapsing fever-California.
Objectives include developing and maintaining EWGLINET, enhancing the capability within the EU to detect common source outbreaks early, enabling member states to implement timely preventive action, informing all those that need to know about travel associated Legionnaires' disease to promote primary preventive action and collaborative investigations, and providing a dedicated website for enhancing EWGLI's information resource.
Traditional epidemiologic surveillance alone may not detect many common source outbreaks, particularly if a limited number of cases occur over a wide geographic area (8,9) because of the unique characteristics of human foodborne listeriosis.
While many reports claim that most listeriosis cases are sporadic (2-4,7), our data show that a considerable proportion of human listeriosis cases represent subtype clusters, some or all of which may represent common source outbreaks.
This report summarizes the outbreak investigation and laboratory findings used to identify the causative agent, and highlights the need for follow-up cultures on all specimens testing positive for STEC by EIA and for submission of isolates to state laboratories so that public health agencies can respond appropriately in identifying common source outbreaks.