common pathway

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common pathway

Any final route in a molecular 'cascade' in which there is a complex interplay among enzymes, substrates, activators, inactivators, and a relatively small signal is 'amplified' by a positive feedback loop to produce an effect Coagulation A CP is initiated by either the extrinsic or intrinsic pathway, either of which activates factor X–Xa, which in turn activates factor II, converting it into thrombin in the presence of factor V, Ca2+, and membrane phospholipid, and activate prothrombinase producing thrombin from prothrombin; prothrombin then converts fibrinogen into fibrin, forming a blood clot, that becomes irreversible when factor XIII is activated

Common pathway

The pathway that results from the merging of the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. The common pathway includes the final steps before a clot is formed.


a shared structure, function, disease. See also under specific name of the item, e.g. atrioventricular canal.

common chemical sense
mediated by the trigeminal nerve from chemical sense organs in the conjunctival sac and in the nasal and buccal cavities.
common fee
the fee for professional services agreed to formally or informally by a local group of the veterinary profession, usually determined by an interpractice survey of fees actually charged.
common law
the law of common usage, the practice or code which is usually followed. Based on decisions of the courts in individual cases. It is not written down as statutory law is.
common pathway
see coagulation pathways.
common salt
see sodium chloride.
common source
a point from which a number of animals are infected or affected. The point from which a common source or point epidemic begins.
common stonecrop
common sucker
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Tirofiban is a non-peptide inhibitor of the platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor, the final common pathway for platelet aggregation.
Prolongation of both aPTT and PT suggests a deficiency or inhibition of the common pathway coagulation factors (factor X, V, and II), or a qualitative or quantitative fibrinogen defect.
Scientists believe these plant-derived components are intimately involved in fighting cellular damage, a common pathway for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases.
Our 3 case reports provide further evidence to support the idea that endolymphatic hydrops represents the final common pathway in the production of Meniere's symptomatology.
The incidence of congestive heart failure-the final common pathway of myocardial dysfunction in most forms of cardiac disease-has increased 5-fold in the last 3 decades and is currently growing at a rate of 550,000 new cases annually.
In medicine, the physician by design will be the final common pathway for clinical decisions and responsibility.
A common pathway counters a belief among many researchers that different tastes require distinct machinery within the cell to transduce their signals to the brain, which processes taste perceptions.
The common pathway to hypertension in obesity is related to fluid retention, and possibly subclinical fluid overload, a potential therapeutic target, Dr.
Regardless of which pathway is initiated, the enzyme Factor Xa launches the section of the coagulation cascade known as the common pathway, which is where anticoagulants work.
The common pathway model (Neale & Cardon, 1992) was employed to decompose the genetic and environmental variance in the PARCA into general and specific components (see Fig.
By integrating the voice, data, BAS and the electrical distribution systems cabling into a common pathway system, a building owner can expect that a single installation crew can provide one cable delivery system method on which to connect all required network applications.

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