common interosseous artery

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com·mon in·ter·os·se·ous ar·ter·y

origin, proximal part of ulnar artery; branches, anterior and posterior interosseous.
Synonym(s): arteria interossea communis [TA]
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com·mon in·ter·os·se·ous ar·te·ry

(kom'ŏn in'tĕr-os'ē-ŭs ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Origin, ulnar; branches, anterior and posterior interosseous.
Synonym(s): arteria interossea communis.
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common interosseous artery

A branch of the ulnar artery; the branches of the common interosseous artery include the posterior and the anterior interosseous arteries.
See: brachial artery for illus.
See also: artery
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A bifurcating ulnar artery yields a trunk, the common interosseous artery and the main ulnar artery which gave off the persistent median artery between the artery and caudal angle of the common interosseous artery.
In the present case the brachial artery has divided into radial artery and common interosseous artery (instead of ulnar artery) in the cubital fossa at the level of neck of radius (Photograph 2).
He also recorded the bifurcation of brachial artery I into radial and ulnar arteries in cubital fossa, and further continuation of brachial artery II as common interosseous artery.

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