Taraxacum officinale

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A perennial herb containing inulin, bitter principles and sesquiterpenes; the roots are rich in vitamins A and C. Chinese and Western herbalists use two different species for different indications.
Chinese herbal medicine
The entire plant has been used as an antidote, an anti-inflammatory, to dissolve blood clots, reduce swelling and promote internal secretions; dandelions have also been used for breast disease and poor lactation, colitis, food poisoning, hepatitis and other liver diseases, gallstones, kidney stones, ocular pain and swelling, snakebites, tuberculosis and urinary burning.

Flower essence therapy
An essence which is believed to provide dynamic energy and promote inner peace.
Herbal medicine
In Western herbal medicine, dandelion root is a diuretic, laxative and tonic, and has been used for poor digestion, gallbladder disease, hepatitis and other liver diseases, congestive heart failure, hypertension, menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome and arthritic pain.
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Studying weeds gives me a healthy respect for their capabilities and although I have confidence that through knowledge we can move towards taming infestations of weeds like the common dandelion, we should never be so bold as to think we will eliminate them.
Most authorities think the common dandelion was brought to America by the early settlers, maybe even on the May-flower.
A garden experiment on competition between biotypes of the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).