common cold virus

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com·mon cold vi·rus

any of the numerous strains of virus etiologically associated with the common cold, chiefly the rhinoviruses, but also strains of adenovirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, and parainfluenza virus.
Synonym(s): cold virus
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We're trying to determine if this is a host defect in terms of how these kids handle the common cold versus whether or not there are certain strains of the common cold virus that are more likely to get kids to wheeze.
RESEARCHERS AT PURDUE UNIVERSITY HAVE DETERMINED THAT COMMON COLD VIRUS RHINOVIRUS 16, as this model shows, contains 60 tentacles capable of connecting to human cells.
SCIENTISTS have identified a connection between the common cold virus and viruses that trigger cancer.
The genes are E1A, which is derived from a common cold virus called the adenovirus, and LT, which is the SV40 virus large T antigen.
Who would've believed we could use a common cold virus to cure cancer?
His gene-insertion device: a common cold virus loaded with a healthy copy of the CF gene.
THE common cold virus may become a life saver by killing cancer patients' tumours, experts believe.
The test, during which 164 healthy men and women were given a live common cold virus then quarantined and watched for a week, proved individuals who were sleeping the least were substantially more likely to develop a cold.
Cohen's group gives volunteers the common cold virus to safely test how these various factors affect the body's ability to fight off disease.
His team looked at sleep patterns of 164 volunteers for a week then exposed them to the common cold virus and monitored their health for another week.
The researchers were able to insert normal IFT88 genes into the cells of the mice by giving them a common cold virus loaded with the normal DNA sequence, and allowing the virus to infect them and insert the DNA into the mouse's own cells.
Doctors think the common cold virus entered her lungs, causing irreversible damage, meaning she now has difficulty breathing.