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n. pl. centau·ries
Any of several herbs of the genus Centaurium, especially a Eurasian species (C. erythraea) that has clusters of pink flowers and has long been used in herbal medicine.
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European centaury

Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial that contains alkaloids, bitter principles, glycosides and triterpenes. It is anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, laxative and a digestive tonic, and has been used to treat anaemia, depression, gout, hypertension, kidney stones and rheumatic complaints.
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And the dunes burst into colour too during the summer: with the common centaury, evening primrose and sand crocus, as well as the dwarf pansy, shepherd's cress, early purple orchid and loose flowered orchid.
The subtle lilac flowers of common centaury sheltered under swathes of marram grass and white poplar shoots.
But as the days shorten it was warming to read of Margaret's flora records for Liverpool city centre this year - bee orchid on Leeds Street, common broomrape at the junction of Christian Street and Hunter Street, bittersweet and common centaury on Bixteth Street/Pall Mall car park.

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