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v. com·mitted, com·mitting, com·mits
To place officially in confinement or custody, as in a mental health facility.

com·mit′ta·ble adj.

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Q. Can I have her committed to rehab? Hello. I really need some help. My girl friend is 44, I’m 56 yrs old. She's stubborn and will not seek the help she needs. It's driving me crazy and I am unable to help her. Alcoholism is terrible. We are paying the mortgage on a beautiful home together, and I just can't leave her. I've got my own psychological problems that I am dealing with--anxiety, temper and depression. Can I have her committed to rehab?

A. I need to correct my response since this is about a girl friend, not a legal spouse, unless she is a common law wife, since you may be, depending on your state. You may have to be a legal guardian or next of kin. It depends on the laws in your state.

If the person has become a hazard to themselves or to others, especially children, there may be legal recourse with a judge no matter what your relationship.

Others are pointing out that unless a person is wanting help, there is a low success rate for recovery. Someone forced to go to rehab, may go right back to the old ways within the same hour they get out of rehab. Some people end in rehab multiple times this way.

Its not a pretty picture of life. Its not something you can read much about anywhere. But its real. Ask a rehab tech and they could probably tell you stories that will "fold your ears back".

You may have a county mental health agency with a rehab center, instead of the state hospital. Check your phone bo

Q. How do I know if someone’s planning to commit suicide? A guy I know is acting weird lately…saying some scary stuff about dying. How can I know he is not joking? And how can I stop him?

A. it shouldn't be your goal to stop him or prevent him as you say. you can't be with this individual 24/7.. if you are there for him and give him your ear to listen it will go much farther to prevent him than nething else you could do. as we learn in the psych field a very simple, effective way to discern suicidal intent is to talk w/ them and in the course of the conversation look right at them and say "it sounds like you're thinking about killing yourself". don't hesitate to call a healthcare professional to explain the situation. you don't have to give your name or his name for them to give u advice

Q. My best friend is always seemed to be depressed. Once he tried to commit suicide. I like to help him.Can u plz Hi I am Mickey, student at the Capella University. My best friend is always seemed to be depressed. Once he tried to commit suicide. His parents are not supporting him; they are not considering him in any way. I usually spend more time with him. I like to help him. When he is in severe depression I don’t know what to do to him, and how to treat him?

A. Hi Mickey, I feel sorry for your friend and I really appreciate your care for him. Among young people, depression is common. Talk to his parents or another relative who he respects and trusts. Try to give him self confidence and self esteem. Involve him in some other activity for example, reading books, watching movies etc. It will help him to come out from depression. If not, consult a local physician. There are so many meds which will cure his problem.

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He was appointed as a commis 2 and, after some time, joined ICCA in Dubai, where he gained a diploma in culinary arts.
Bennett, originally from Willenhall, has spent long hours training at BCU with coach Idris Caldora, 22-year-old commis chef Josh Allen and assistant Matt Nicholls in a kitchen built as an exact replica to the Bocuse competition kitchens.
A few naysayers found Commis pretentious, distressed by the austere restaurant sans signage.
At the end of that WEEK, the head chef said that he would liKe to offer me a full-time job as a commis chef.
Proces pour genocide contre le polisario a Madrid: Le Parlement europeen appele a interpeller l'Algerie sur les graves crimes commis a Tindouf (Mustapha Salma)
Seaham Hall has appointed Callum MacGreggor and Chris Finnigan as commis chef and chef de partie patisserie respectively, while James Charlton is now commis chef at Louis' Restaurant in Jesmond, Newcastle.
Sur les dix mois de scolarite, quelques 203 cas de violence sont enregistres dont 52% en interne et 48% commis autour des etablissements scolaires.
9), qui etait la derniere francaise en lice dans le desert californien, a commis sept doubles fautes et perdu son service sept fois consecutivement a partir du cinquieme jeu de la premiere manche pour s'incliner 6-3, 6-2, en seulement 1h27.
Coventry lad Kristian Curtis, aged 22, was named Best Commis Chef at the prestigious Bocuse d'Or - cooking's 'Olympics'.
A CITY hotel has helped an aspiring young cook get a foot in the kitchen door by taking him on as a full time commis chef.
The Speedy programme, developed and funded in partnership with the North East Employer Coalition (NEEC), Jobcentre Plus, the Apprenticeship Service, local colleges and participating employers, aims to fill the huge skills shortage when it comes to recruiting trained, committed commis chefs within the hospitality sector.