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Asp (Asx),

Symbol for aspartic acid or its radical forms.


Any of several venomous snakes, especially the viper Vipera aspis of southern Europe, the cobra Naja haje of Africa and the Middle East, or the horned viper.


A gene on chromosome 17p13.3 that encodes aspartoacylase, which catalyses the conversion of N-acetyl_L-aspartic acid–NAA to aspartate and acetate. NAA hydrolysis by aspartoacylase may help maintain white matter. 
Molecular pathology Defects in ASPA cause Canavan disease


2. Application service provider, see there.


Abbreviation for aspartic acid or its radical forms.


Abbreviation for application service provider.


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DDSI is able to provide dynamic and adaptive distribution solutions for deployed and expeditionary units by maintaining strong relationships with logistics partners, planners, and commercial service providers.
Universities could use commercial service providers to disseminate lecture materials to a wide audience.
To enable a wide audience to access distance education, the universities could use commercial service providers such as telecommunications, cable television, or satellite companies, or Internet service providers (ISPs).
As a number of commercial service providers have noted following our previous columns, one of the most obvious ways of addressing potential technology risks and challenges is to outsource the provisioning and management of contact center technology resources to a world-class provider of hosted services, such as TELUS, Siebel (Contact OnDemand) or MCI.
From bulletin board systems to Internet features to commercial service providers, this article explains what is available for law enforcement agencies that get online.
In this report, the global transplant diagnostics market is segmented on the basis of technology into molecular assay technology [including PCR-based (sequence-specific oligonucleotide and sequence-specific primer-PCR) and sequencing-based (next-generation sequencing and Sanger sequencing)] and non-molecular assay technology (includes serological and mixed lymphocyte culture assay); products and services (reagents and consumables, instruments, and software & services); applications (diagnostic and research); and end users (hospitals & transplant centers, commercial service providers, and research laboratories & academic institutes).

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