commemorative sign

com·mem·o·ra·tive sign

a phenomenon pointing to the previous existence of some disease other than the one present at the time.
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The late singer made records Hunky Dory and The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust at Trident Studios in St Anne's Court, Soho, where the commemorative sign has been placed.
"The 'Patch for the 96' is a special way for all football fans from across the world to come together in support and is a commemorative sign of unity."
The ten winning schools received a commemorative sign with the inscription 'School Against Racism', to be placed at the entrance of each school building.
There's still a lounge in their honor and a commemorative sign in back behind the pool and Oriental restaurant.
"People come from all over the world to see the palace and the house has a commemorative sign."But they have never been allowed inside.
But commemoration implies a precedent, even if repetition makes the issue of precedence undecidable in the very moment the commemorative sign enables a decisive conclusion.") Repetition and self-reading are thus irreducibly implicated in the movement of renewal.