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Etymology: L, commendare, to protect
an order given to the computer to execute a specific instruction, such as a code that evokes a particular program or performs a particular function.


n the portion of a computer-related instruction that specifies the operation to be performed. A term used with hardware operations.
References in classic literature ?
But glowing with rage, the King commanded to seize the criminal and lead him to death, who had ventured to dance, with the queen; so disgraced the Empress, and insulted the crown.
Then the king commanded those who do his bidding that they should take the children of Zinita and make away with them.
But the danger is much greater, when the ministers themselves are commanded to show their dexterity; for, by contending to excel themselves and their fellows, they strain so far that there is hardly one of them who has not received a fall, and some of them two or three.
A whole fleet of copper-bottomed barques, as strong in rib and planking, as well-found in gear, as ever was sent upon the seas, manned by hardy crews and commanded by young masters, was engaged in that now long defunct trade.
Ajax, the fleet son of Oileus, commanded the Locrians.
At length, after a passage of two nights and two days, the patron Keyser touched at the point where Monk, who had given all the orders during the voyage, had commanded they should land.
commanded the tug-captain, and instantly revolvers and rifles poured bullets upon the deck of the submersible.
Although he never tried to know, being unable to think to such a distance, he never came to know whether it was Harley Kennan who commanded Villa, or Villa Kennan who commanded Harley.
One of the Apes, who had raised himself to be king, commanded them to be seized and brought before him, that he might know what was said of him among men.
One night a squadron of Federal horse commanded by Major Seidel, a gallant and skillful officer, moved out from Readyville on an uncommonly hazardous enterprise requiring secrecy, caution and silence.

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