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Having comitance.
Synonym(s): concomitant
See: comitant strabismus.
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(11) determined that 30 patients had AHP and emphasized that comitant strabismus, nystagmus, and Duane retraction syndrome were the most common causes of AHP.
Dacarbazin induces geno toxic and cytotoxic germ cell damage with on comitant decrease in testosterone and increase in lactate hydrogenase concentration in the testis.
Hyperten- sion occurs in 50% of patients with Diabetes and results in a sevenfold increase in mortality.17 Con- comitant nephropathy in patients with diabetes and hypertension results in a 37-fold increase in mortal- ity.
In light of these findings and the patient's presenting history and physical exam, the patient underwent catheter-directed thrombolysis with urokinase (UK) and con comitant heparin therapy.