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1. a grasping or clasping.
2. popular term for influenza.
devil's grip epidemic pleurodynia.
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Variant of grippe.
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A gene on chromosome 12q13.13 that encodes a protein which is thought to play a role as a localized scaffold for assembling a multiprotein signalling complex and mediating trafficking of its binding partners at specific subcellular sites in neurons.
GRIP1 interacts with EFNB1, EFNB3, EPHA7, EPHB2, FRAS1, GRIA2, GRIA3, GRIPAP1/GRASP1, KIF5A, KIF5B, KIF5C, PLCD4, PPFIA1, PPFIA4, PRLHR, PTPRF, SLC30A9 and liprins-alpha. GRIP1 can form homomultimers or heteromultimers with GRIP2, and a ternary complex with GRIA2 and CSPG4. It interacts with ATAD1 in an ATP-dependent manner—ATAD1-catalysed ATP hydrolysis disrupts binding to ATAD1 and to GRIA2 and leads to AMPAR complex disassembly.
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An acute infectious respiratory disease, caused by influenza viruses; attacks the respiratory epithelial cells and produces a catarrhal inflammation; characterized by sudden onset, chills, fever of short duration, severe prostration, headache, muscle aches, and a cough that usually is dry until secondary infection occurs. The disease commonly occurs in epidemics, sometimes in pandemics; strain-specific immunity develops, but mutations in the virus are frequent, and the immunity usually does not protect against antigenically different strains.
Synonym(s): flu, grip, grippe.
[It. influence (of planets or stars), fr. L. influentia, fr. in-fluo, to flow in]
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