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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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But in this case it worked out very well and through all that edge and attitude and bite that we had and nearly coming to blows backstage and one night in the ring-literally we were nose-to-nose, it was any second.
Motorists were coming to blows because of a new road lay-out in the city centre.
Motorists were reportedly coming to blows at the pounds 1.
Tory Angela Watkinson added: "They can even learn about arguing without coming to blows.
Later, tempers fray in the bar and the pair end up coming to blows.
More often they clash, threatening to fight but never coming to blows.
Punctuated by reminiscing, Minty's flatulence - owing to his drastic cabbage soup diet - and drippy Ian Beale coming to blows with Andy after declaring him 'a big bully with a bog brush,' the news finally arrived that Dot is going to be fine.
So when I got to Kembra's to interview her, we ended up coming to blows over a King Diamond tape.
In today's society it does seem ridiculous when people are almost coming to blows over a parking space.
POLICE officers and soldiers will be coming to blows this weekend - and hundreds of onlookers are expected to turn out to urge them on.
elsewhere the Carters are fighting - almost coming to blows coming to - over stan's funeral arrangements.
As someone who's not really materialistic, it all seems rather sad and pathetic that others are coming to blows over tat that will probably be heavily discounted after New Year.