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Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: "It goes without saying that coming across well in an interview is a must if you want to bag yourself that dream job.
I look forward to coming across more and more of these over the next 10 weeks.
After coming across a heavily annotated first edition of the book in Edinburgh, Gingerich began to doubt Koestler's assertion.
He tells us that the psychopath who poses the greatest threat (and literally wields the greatest evil powers) is the one most skilled at coming across as a person of true and good character.
troops are to defend us against terrorists, they should be used to prevent suspicious aliens from coming across our borders, not for police work against U.
I now give--rather than get--grades, but still loiter in classrooms in the hope of coming across a bright idea, and other minds willing to entertain one.
In the first part of a serialisation in the Scotland On Sunday newspaper, Sir Malcolm also described Mr Duncan Smith as coming across as too serious and not particularly charismatic.
It's hard to write about the effects of the murderous actions of September 11 without coming across as trivializing the magnitude of what happened, and we really won't have a handle on that for quite some time.
Two other theories, which are more controversial, also place the first Americans in boats, but this time coming across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe, and across the Pacific Ocean from Australia, about 24,000 to 18,000 years ago.
Once again we fake 61, then give to the RH coming across.
The transactions are larger, with major players coming across the Hudson to acquire Gold Coast space for either primary locations or for the second site housing of invaluable data/telecommunications equipment.