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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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Kris comes to blows with Mercedes when he learns Malachy plans to take the blame for Calvin's murder to save her from prison.
Fiz comes to blows with Sally after misreading her reidiionsnip wnn joniii Todd feels guilty after staying the night at Karl's.
It is not long before Paul comes to blows with Robert and the Waverly boys.
Tina breaks down Meanwhile, Kandice panics when her plan starts to fall apart and she comes to blows with Karen, Jean is impressed by Hayley's plans with the taxi, and there's drama after Max confronts CORONATION STREET ITV, 7.30pm and 9.30pm LIZ tries to persuade Johnny to give up his plans to win custody of Susie, but Johnny refuses to listen.