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Brief episodes of upper extremity burning, dysesthesias, and weakness experienced mainly by young male athletes engaged in contact sports (for example, football and wrestling); due to transient injury to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus caused by abrupt, forceful depression of the shoulder.
See also: burner syndrome.
Synonym(s): stingers
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The parameters of the combustion chamber are as follows: the total length is 455 mm, sizes of both the inlet and outlet are 120 mm x 85 mm, and the centrifugal nozzle and spark plug centerline were installed on the same section with an angle of 14[degrees].
The analysis of these indicators indicates that the maximum allowable compression ratio of the fuel-air mixture depends not only on the anti-knocking properties of the fuel, but also on the configuration of the combustion chamber.
The result shows that the cylinder peak pressure for the ceramic coated engine is higher than the uncoated piston due to the higher heat retainment inside the combustion chamber with higher operating temperature which enhances the preparation and reaction rate.
The experiment was carried out in a simulated combustion chamber (Figure 1), which has a burner device, a liquid fuel supply system, and a flame tube with two rows of mixing holes and one row of cooling holes.
The scheme of the combustion chamber used in the research is given in Fig.
10 For additional stability, add a notch to the top of the feeding tube and to the corresponding side of the combustion chamber. Measure a short cable to cross that gap and secure with crimped cable ends.
In the video clip, Sandlin decides whether to kindle a potato gun from the back end or the middle of the combustion chamber. He filmed the blasts at 20,000 frames per second, which resulted in an unbelievable slow-motion footage of how fiery explosions occur.
I also wonder if a ceramic-lined combustion chamber could have made the Ricardo Comet diesel better than the modern direct-injection diesel.
Permitting the direct sampling of the gases and fluids inside an engine combustion chamber, Southwest Research Institute's Dynamic Crevice Sampling System (DCSS) is a revolutionary development in engine diagnostics.
The flame front created by ignition travels across the combustion chamber at a more or less orderly rate as pressure rises uniformly.