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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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Specifically, (14) must be categorized by a component of (16) for combinatory purposes, either the Trajector (tr) or the Landmark (lm) schematically specified by the relational predication READ.
Less jarring is West's approach to Jonson's humors plays, where characters like Sordido, Deliro, and Fastidious Brisk are read as static elements in a combinatory on the order of Camillo's Teatro.
n] or similar problems of combinatory analysis do not occur.
Nonetheless, SPE methods are being developed and it continues to be a preferred sample preparation technique, especially for combinatory chemistry and high-throughput drug screening applications, which should fuel growth in 2005.
Chapter 3, "Tricks of Vision, Truths of Discourse" focuses on different strategies within the ars combinatoria or combinatory method of codifying knowledge that is the founding logic of the encyclopedia in Camillo's L'Idea del Theatro (1550), which serves as the exemplar of the method that aims to produce a combinative guide or metalanguage for phenomena; and Conrad Gessner's Historiae Animalium (1551), which offers a different, complementary strategy, producing a lexicon that "provides only the elements that must be combined in a grammar of animals .
Gray summarizes by noting that Song is in many ways "an important version of our accustomed perception of music as formal and combinatory and literature as mimetic and referential" (621).
A combinatory analysis across the three variables was explored through a path model with CR evaluated as a mediator of the relationship between CHSs and WIs (Figure 1).
These correspond to the general Semitic ground, reflexive-passive, intensive/extensive-factitive or doubling, and causative stems, with combinatory additions: passive t in doubling stem and reflexive t in ground stem (B.
However, the creativity of this combinatory dialectic is put to an end in the descriptions of the concentration camps, where the hybrid is subject to a reductio ad unum that tragically erases the many colors of being.
10) As such, point of view is both combinatory and separa tive.
The role of height comes into play when we examine the micro, macro, and combinatory views of the city.
It has provoked reactions like Perry's, who disapproves of Apuleius' "carelessly mechanical methods of composition", denying the existence of this conscious combinatory technique, and has at the opposite end of the spectrum given rise to forced efforts to allot all disparate elements a place in an overarching thematic whole, which often implies subjective interpretation.