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Describes any system using a random assortment of components at any positions in the linear arrangement of atoms; that is, a combinatorial library of mutations could contain positions where all four bases have been randomly inserted.
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developed the Digital Annealer as a dedicated architecture for solving combinatorial optimization problems, which involve finding optimal solutions for real-world problems in which large numbers of potential combinations exist.
* Model SPD300DDA--A large-capacity, modular system, used for drying aggressive organic solvents, strong acids, bases and combinatorial chemistry solvents in large sample volumes.
(For example, to derive (6) one may use the integral representation exp(-[x.sup.2]) = [[integral].sup.+[infinity].sub.-[infinity]] exp(-[[xi].sup.2] + 2i[xi]x)d[xi]; see [10, 11].) However, in this paper we demonstrate that it is also possible to prove these identities on the basic algebraic level by analysing combinatorial structures generated by the iterated action of the second derivative.
Practical Combinatorial Testing, NIST Special Publication, pp: 800-142.
"I liken our combinatorial nanopatterning approach to providing a broad palette of bold colors to an artist who previously had been working with a handful of dull and pale black, white and grey pastels," said co-author Vinayak P.
The 11 papers explore algebraic and combinatorial approaches to the representation theory of Lie algebras, quantum groups, and algebraic groups.
In [1], Wilson defined combinatorial period matrices by using the Whitney embedding W of cochains into piecewise-linear differential forms, introduced in [8].
To the best of our knowledge, there exists no updating method for combinatorial design based key management scheme.
Adopting combinatorial method to calculate the ordinal has higher computational complexity; the calculation process of the ordinal number can be optimized by proportion method.
In the combinatorial auctions studied, suppliers were free to bid for any combination of contracts but there had to be a submitted stand-alone bid for every contract being part of any combination.
In a recently published paper in ACS Combinatorial Science, the team showed that a sequence known as Dz12-91 could selective cleave an all-RNA target without metal ions; in this case, a sequence from HIV.
A way that Babbitt is able to explore the numerous permutations of aggregates is through the use of combinatorial hexachords, a practice which was also prevalent in the music of Schonberg.

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