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Describes any system using a random assortment of components at any positions in the linear arrangement of atoms; that is, a combinatorial library of mutations could contain positions where all four bases have been randomly inserted.
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Chomp is an example of a combinatorial game, in which nothing is hidden from the players and no chance is involved.
It is not, however, impossible if we use combinatorial chemistry technology.
The NIST SPHERE is designed to generate a large combinatorial library of samples with different exposure histories.
Technological advances will also benefit sales of combinatorial chemical instruments by encouraging drug and chemical developers to upgrade research and development capabilities through the addition of high value-added imaging systems, bench top synthesizers and robotic processing equipment.
Peoria, IL 61604) have used combinatorial chemistry with highly pressurized supercritical fluids to optimize extraction processes, to evaluate the efficiency of enzymes and to enrich nutraceuticals and other compounds sourced from plant-derived oils.
Combinatorial materials science offers the materials industries the opportunity to create more new products by significantly increasing R&D innovation.
In addition to their relevance to certain questions in the foundations of Set Theory (Ellentuck 1969), a leading application of combinatorial functions and operators has been to the branches of computability theory known as theory of recursive equivalence types (Myhill 1958) and isol theory (Nerode 1961; Dekker 1966); a fairly extensive survey of the latter area has been given in (McLaughlin 1982).
However, going forward, combinatorial biosynthesis does not fit our core drug discovery strengths of combinatorial chemistry, selection/profiling technologies and melanocortin biology.
In addition to its widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry, combinatorial chemistry has recently been adopted by researchers in several other industries including agriculture and materials, where the growth potential is substantial.
Despite the popularity of combinatorial chemistry as a drug-discovery technique and recent favorable publicity concerning its applicability to solid-state chemistry, many solid-state chemists remain skeptical that it will find widespread use in their field.
to bring combinatorial chemistry technology to personal computers.
The three volumes of the Combinatorial Optimization series aim to cover a wide range of topics in this area.

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