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1. The act of combining (that is, by joining, uniting, or otherwise bringing into close association) separate entities.
2. The state of being so combined.
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Opposite to the ring oscillator, this circuit contains both combinational and sequential components.
Rangachar, "Implementation of quantum cellular automata combinational and sequential circuits using majority logic reduction method," International Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications, vol.
At the node M, if any glitch occurs from the preceding combinational circuit, then the value of the node M will be changed from 0 to 1.
Combinational therapy significantly inhibited the tumor growth, and about 78% of the tumors were completed depleted.
Test variable Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%) Youden index B7-H4 88.2 66.2 0.544 OPN 79.8 61.7 0.415 TPS 76.3 67.5 0.438 CEA 59.3 83.3 0.426 Combinational 99.2 55.9 0.511 (B7-H4 + OPN) Combinational 99.0 60.1 0.591 (B7-H4 + TPS) Combinational 98.9 80.4 0.793 (B7-H4 + CEA) Table 5: The comparison of serum concentrations of B7-H4/OPN/TPS/CEA between preoperative and postoperative groups in CRC patients.
Besides, the networks [19,21] involve significant propagation delays through long combinational paths.
The combinational function used in the conventional A5/1 stream cipher makes use of the XOR, whereby the most significant bit (MSB) from each LFSR will be XOR-ed to produce the secret key.
Sait, "A fault tolerance technique for combinational circuits based on selective-transistor redundancy," IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, vol.
As a result, channelized layout is taken into consideration together with signal control, composing the combinational management strategy.
They apply to any combinational stochastic circuit.