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Media, particularly editorial writers and columnists, should be at the forefront of keeping public officials honest.
For the newspaper columnist, the largest part of that authority comes from the simple fact that your words are printed on the pages of an important publication.
Now a Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist, a veteran journalist explores his premise that even life from a solid perch as a high achiever from a middle-class family cannot guarantee him a piece of Martin Luther King Jr.
He wonders how to explain the situation to his readers and whether to suspend or fire the columnist.
After you've written the letter thanking your local paper, take the time to send a note to your favorite columnist thanking him or her for the work he or she has done on behalf of the pro-life movement.
With the exception of syndicated columnist Deb Price, one has to look to the alternative press and gay press to find gay writers who actually wholeheartedly support the main platforms of the lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender movement.
The experience raises questions about deregulation," warns MIT economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.
Molly Ivins, a nationally syndicated columnist for the Fort Worth StarTelegram, Feb.
This national sports columnist study sought the most significant sources for writing column opinion.
As a columnist who espouses nonviolent solutions to conflict, I haven't been on a beat crowded with competitors," he wrote in All of One Peace, a collection of his columns published in 1994.
But he is also the author of the Moldea decision, and that opinion is all about libel by people like you - columnists, editorial writers, book reviewers, art and music critics.
But what is awful to watch - or experience - is a columnist making trouble for herself.