column cells

col·umn cells

neurons in the gray matter of the spinal cord the axons of which are confined within the central nervous system.
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The column cells at La Parrilla are expected to be delivered and installed in Q1 2019 followed by Del Toro in Q2 of 2019.
The remaining "Current" column cells hold the following formulas:
Most Brazilian phosphate producers have now turned to Cominco column cells for the recovery of ultra-fine apatite.
To find the final ranking of any element, add the votes in the upper right of the column cells to the votes of the lower left of the row cells.
Rougher flotation includes two column cells. These are very effective in recovering fast floating sulphides but their recovery of PGMs is not so efficient.
* New zinc cleaning column cells and building extension;
As Svedala comments, much has happened in the development of flotation technology over recent years with new technologies such as pneumatic cells and various types of column cells emerging.